Sinclair’s Bay Connections Project

Sinclair’s Bay Connections Project


  • To better connect the Sinclair’s Bay community via development/improvement of paths/networks;
  • To establish and foster a Sinclair’s Bay identity in the community across the area.


2021-2022 Projects

  • Community Consultation – COMPLETE
  • Establish Social Media presence – COMPLETE
  • Develop SBT website – ONGOING
  • Community events/competitions –
    • Pumpkin Trail – Oct 2020;
    • #lightupsinclairsbay campaign – Nov/Dec 2020.

2021-2022 Projects

  • Project 1: PATHS – Phase 1: Develop path network from Sinclair Girnigoe Castle to Ackergill
  • Project 2: VILLAGE SIGNAGE – Source consistent “Sinclair’s Bay” signage for the larger villages in the community (Staxigoe, Papigoe, Ackergill, Reiss & Keiss).
  • Project 3: NEWSLETTER – Develop a Sinclair’s Bay Trust Newsletter and distribute throughout the community
  • Project 4: COMMUNITY INCLUSION – Finalise SBT website; Secure “membership” via website; Consult and include the community; run fundraisers and competitions which connect the community.
    • “Sinclair’s Bay : My Home” Competition – Apr 2021




Sinclair’s Bay Connections Project

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