Action Plan – 2021-2022 Key Projects

1) Sinclair’s Bay Connections Project
2) Keep Sinclair’s Bay Beautiful Project
3) Sinclair’s Bay History Project- TBC
4) Sinclair’s Bay Reducing Barriers, Promoting Inclusion Project – TBC

Halloween Neep Carving

Bring Back the Neep!   The lovely Halloween carvers in the Sinclair’s Bay area certainly started us in our quest to bring back the traditional carved Hallowe’en neep!   Well done to those who gave it a go – carving a neep is not easy.  Luckily we didn’t hear of any lost fingers or thumbs, […]

Safety Net – Safe Harbour with Shelagh Swanson

Shelagh Swanson, Painter and Glassmaker will be kicking off her “Safe Harbour” residency with Sinclair’s Bay Trust with a project called “Safety Net”.   Shelagh will be Sinclair’s Bay Trust’s Artist in Residence for the months of May and June! For more info visit   Shelagh aims to create a collaborative community art piece (a […]

Sinclair’s Bay Trust – Community Newsletter #1

Community Newsletter #1 Well, it took a little longer than we had hoped, and previously promised, but like all good things, we think it’s worth the wait! We promised in late February that our newsletter was coming soon.  It’s now printed, folded and ready to go!  Mailbox drops have been taking place of the past […]

Wick Voices: Alistair Jack, Caithness At War

Wick Voices is Wick Society’s Oral History Section.  An ambitious, long-term project aimed at collecting and preserving memories and information from the past. Our very own Alistair Jack, Development Trust Officer, has just recorded an interesting and informative talk covering our Caithness At War project discussing it’s aims and objectives coupled with some interesting war-time […]

Caithness at War

Sinclair’s Bay Trust are excited to announce their intention to create a “Caithness At War” World War Two trail around Sinclair’s Bay, which will initially focus on 16 sites or events of significant importance during the war. The trail is being launched in collaboration with Wick Development Trust who plan to continue the trail into […]

Sinclair’s Bay: My Home Competition

We had a fantastic response to our first ever competition for those who live in the Sinclair’s Bay area. The competition was open to all residents of Sinclair’s Bay which runs from the Papigoe/Staxigoe area right round to Keiss including Ackergill, Reiss and the outlying areas. We received great entries in all categories apart from […]

Beautiful Sinclair’s Bay

Keep Sinclair’s Bay Beautiful Project Vision: To reduce impact through promotion of responsible use of outdoor spaces by locals and visitors; To celebrate and protect the beauty of the area; To promote what the area has to offer for locals and visitors. 2021-2022 Projects Project 1: SIGNAGE – Develop code of conduct signage (code of […]

Reducing Barriers, Promoting Inclusion Project

Sinclair’s Bay Reducing Barriers, Promoting Inclusion Project Vision: To address inequality and promote equal access to opportunities and activities; To acknowledge and identify potential additional barriers presented by rural life and identify ways to better address these; To provide a “helping hand” to residents of Sinclair’s Bay; To promote inclusion of all in our area. […]

Sinclair’s Bay Connections Project

Sinclair’s Bay Connections Project Vision: To better connect the Sinclair’s Bay community via development/improvement of paths/networks; To establish and foster a Sinclair’s Bay identity in the community across the area. Projects: 2021-2022 Projects Project 1: COMMUNITY INCLUSION Community Consultation – COMPLETE Establish Social Media presence – COMPLETE Develop SBT website – ONGOING Community events/competitions – […]

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