Wick Voices: Alistair Jack, Caithness At War

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Wick Voices is Wick Society’s Oral History Section.  An ambitious, long-term project aimed at collecting and preserving memories and information from the past.

Our very own Alistair Jack, Development Trust Officer, has just recorded an interesting and informative talk covering our Caithness At War project discussing it’s aims and objectives coupled with some interesting war-time tales from Caithness.

Listen to the talk here:  Wick Voices – Alistair Jack


Wick Voices: Alistair Jack, Caithness At War

One thought on “Wick Voices: Alistair Jack, Caithness At War

  1. I posted a link to the HIGHBALL article on the ARG forum.

    Got this reply.

    Sinclair’s Bay had two bombing targets, one near Ackergill Tower and one off Keiss Links which was a wreck target, possibly the Star of Victory lost in 1939. Later an air to sea target was added, also near Ackergill Tower. I wonder if this was one of the reason Sinclair’s Bay was chosen?

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