Sinclair’s Bay Trust – Community Newsletter #1

Community Newsletter #1

Well, it took a little longer than we had hoped, and previously promised, but like all good things, we think it’s worth the wait!

We promised in late February that our newsletter was coming soon.  It’s now printed, folded and ready to go!  Mailbox drops have been taking place of the past couple of weeks, so we hope you received it and are enjoying the contents. 

If you’ve already signed up as a “Friend of the Trust” you’ve probably seen it arriving in your email inbox as well. 

However, we’re bound to have missed some houses in the area and so, to make sure everyone has as best a change as possible of having a read, here it is, in all its PDF glory.
Sinclair's Bay Trust Newsletter 1 Ad SBT Newsletter – Issue 1 – Jan-March 2022

Inside you’ll find a little more about how we came into being along with the founding members and what we’d like to achieve.  Of course, if you live or work in the area, we’re always open to new suggestions on how we can make things better so drop us a note anytime.  We’re currently also running a community consultation, that’s open until the end of April ’22. We’ve love to hear your comments, if you have a few minutes to spare.

You can also read about our competitions, the Caithness at War trail and how our logo came about. 

We’re interested in what you’d like to see in the Newsletter too, so again, drop us a note or email to if you have a comment to share.

Enjoy the read!

Sinclair’s Bay Trust – Community Newsletter #1

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