Safety Net – Safe Harbour with Shelagh Swanson

Shelagh Swanson - Safe Harbour with Sinclair's Bay Trust
Shelagh Swanson, Painter and Glassmaker will be kicking off her “Safe Harbour” residency with Sinclair’s Bay Trust with a project called “Safety Net”.   Shelagh will be Sinclair’s Bay Trust’s Artist in Residence for the months of May and June! For more info visit
Safety Net
Shelagh aims to create a collaborative community art piece (a “net”) which will celebrate the aspects of Sinclair’s Bay that make residents feel safe, things that are their own personal safety net, be it a person, a place, a hobby, an organisation or even a furry friend!
There is a big focus on reusing and recycling in this project. Shelagh will be reusing plastic (milk cartons, etc) to form the structural basis of the net using individual diamond-shaped plastic templates. The idea is that the community will decorate a plastic diamond (or two!) with things that represent their personal safety net which will be connected together to form a Sinclair’s Bay (safety) net. Some of our board had a go last weekend – see the photos!
Shelagh will be doing a series of organised workshops very soon, so please keep your eyes on social media for further announcements.
All you have to bring along is photos or pictures of things which represent your safety net – rest assured, you can still take part even if you can’t bring these along (she’ll have magazines and plenty of other ways to get creative!)
Shelagh will also be doing pop up workshops throughout the area, so if you see her (in her little red van!) setting up anywhere please say hello! In the nature of inclusion to ensure everyone can be involved, Shelagh will also be making activity packs for people who aren’t able to attend sessions in person – please get in touch with SBT or Shelagh if this applies to you, or someone you know.
We hope you’ll get involved!
Safety Net – Safe Harbour with Shelagh Swanson

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