Community Consultation

In February 2020 we reached out to you, our community, to help us to understand how we as a Trust could improve & develop the Sinclair’s Bay as a place to live, work and visit.

Fast forward two years and the world looks quite different now. We’re conscious that what might have been a priority in 2020, might not be in 2022. To understand the needs of the Sinclair’s Bay community now and into the future, we’d love to hear from you. We aren’t limiting you to one response per household, we’d love to hear from everyone – including children and young people!

This consultation will close on the 30th April 2022, but our door is always open.

We’ll keep things simple, all we’d like to know is what do you think Sinclair’s Bay NEEDS, what do you WANT to see and if we had a magic wand (we don’t!) what would be your three wishes for the area…?

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