Historic Sinclair’s Bay

3 thoughts on “Historic Sinclair’s Bay

  1. I’ve researched most of the soldiers killed in WW1 from Keiss. Happy to give you the info if it’s any use to you.

  2. It’s great to see that the Sinclair’s Bay and Wick Historical Trails have come to fruition, and I congratulate those responsible for them. My late father was a “Noss Boy” during the war, i.e. an RAF wireless operator posted to the Y Station (location 16 in the trail). He had very fond memories of his time in Caithness, and as he married a Pulteneytown girl he wasn’t allowed to forget! Eighty years in from the war we still feel very attached to the far north, and I look forward to tackling the trail on my next pilgrimage to Wick.

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