Halloween Neep Carving


Bring Back the Neep!

The lovely Halloween carvers in the Sinclair’s Bay area certainly started us in our quest to bring back the traditional carved Hallowe’en neep!
Well done to those who gave it a go – carving a neep is not easy.  Luckily we didn’t hear of any lost fingers or thumbs, so all is good.  If you are going to have a go, make sure you stay safe and if you’re younger, get an adult to help.
We had 6 fabulous entries for our competition.  You can check out photos of their amazing creations below.
We found a lovely storybook called “Tumshie: The Forgotten Halloween Turnip Lantern” by Mark Mechan.  It’s all about the traditional carving of a neep, known as a tumshie in other areas of Scotland.  Our entries were all so good, we decided they all get a copy!

Well done to all the Hallowe’en neep carvers.

Halloween Neep Carving

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