Sinclair’s Bay Directory – Helping Others Find You

The Trust has now added another useful function to the website in the form of the Sinclair’s Bay Directory.  We hope those within or visiting the area will find it useful when looking for a service, business, accommodation, or things to do.

If you have a business, provide a service or are part of a community group within the Sinclair’s Bay Trust area, then you can list your service within our pages for free. 

Owners that live within the Sinclair’s Bay area but operate out with the immediate area, but still in Caithness, can also claim their free listing, generating interest and driving visitors to the services on offer.

We want to help you by directing people to you.   

As our website becomes more popular and noticeable within the online search services, like Google, MSN, etc, we expect our visitor numbers to grow.   

We’ll be sharing more information about the area and our activities, and this in turn should generate more usage of our site with people reading and following the information within our pages.

We’ve also noticed that people sometimes find us when there actually looking for something else! 

Our website tracking shows us that we get visitors for things like “visiting Sinclair’s Bay”, “Sinclair’s Bay Business” and “Sinclair’s Bay Accommodation”.  They’re probably really looking for you, not us, and we’re happy to pass them onto their correct destination through our Directory pages.

Sinclair's Bay Jigsaw

Most of our visitors come from the UK, as you would expect but we get visits from all over the World with Australia and the United States contributing most of the overseas visitors.  Some European countries, mainly France, Germany and Ireland are close behind in numbers though. 

Capture some of our growing internet traffic for free and let our site direct them to your service or business, helping you grow too. 

You’ve nothing to lose, simply fill out our very basic Directory submission form.  It only takes a few minutes and you can enjoy some additional visitors or enquiries which you’ll then benefit from, for years to come.




Sinclair’s Bay Directory – Helping Others Find You

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